I came to acedone when i was a kid. Started going to the program at the age 7. I met the best people and made wholesome friends . Acedone helps you with everything from school work to if you get in trouble with the cops. Acedone is a none profit organization. Acedone respects everyone and there background. They put me and my friends on the right path and helped us become respectable men. ” June 1, 2019


I started working as a small business development coordinator at Acedone. This is my first professional work experience in America. People who I work together, they are so nice and understanding people. They always help you and make you feel comfortable. I have got so many different kinds of skills and I have met so many people here and they have become my family. This place makes you feel like home, it is not coming to work every day coming to the place that you always would like to be. I’m so happy to be part of this great community. ” October 15, 2019